sleddogging combined with the sami-winter market in Jokkmokk

Variant 1:    04.02 - 13.02.2013   / 10  days in Lapland   1799 €

Variant 2:    04.02 - 11.02.2013  /   8 days  in Lapland    1399 €

Jokkmokk  winter  market

The traditiional Sami winter market in Jokkmokk has over 400 year history and

is a special event here in the north.

You can experience true Sami culture, handicraft ,good food and music there.

Jokkmokk's Market  2013  takes place  during february 7-9.. with all of its activities and cultural events including the big marketplace in the centre  of Jokkmokk.

Welcome  to  Lapland

Welcome  to Lapland !

Transfer  from the  airport  in Arvidsjaur 

to the Lapplands Drag  huskyfarm.

Upon the  arrival you are shown  to  your cosy  accomodation .

Check out the place, unpack and make yourselves at home..
In the evening  a welcome dinner with traditional Scandinavian food is  waiting  for  you and  we talk about the days ahead of us.

Dogsledding  in Lapland

First  Sleddogtrip

Hearty  breakfast in the  morning.

Informative pre-tour introduction and instruction into  Dog Sledding with competent, friendly, bilingual instructors. 

Here you can be active from the time you arrive until the time you leave.

You  can help move the dogs in and out of the yard and harness and hook t into a team,

feed and care for your dogs on the huskyfarm  or  on the trip

and help with the necessary chores at the camp.

Then ´we´re off on our first  sleddogtrip, a tour  of about 2  hours through the surrounding forests.

Dinner and exchange the first experience in front of  an open fire in our

Swedish  barbecue  hut ( grillkåta ) or  in the  main  house.

Relax with a Sauna if  you  want.



After a  good breakfast, we furnish the dogs and then

every guest prepares its team  for the respective day tours. 

A Guide helps you  if  you  want.

During the tours, the fundamental ideas of the husky sledding leading are discovered

and  everyone  learns the character of  his  dogs.

Now you  are surrounded by  the unique  Lapland silence.

broken only by  the breathing of the huskies and

the sound of crackling snow under their paws. 

According to ability and wishes of the participants, the day stages  vary between

25 and 45 km in distance. 

Dogsledding  in Laplands wilderness

We will glide over frozen lakes and rivers and through deeply snow-covered forests. 

Upon  return   we  will  huddle together   and  feed the  dogs.

Altogether you will spend ca 8 hours of the day with our dogs.

In the  evening   you  can use  the sauna,the  warm  bubblepool or simply spend the evening  in  your  cosy  cottage.  We  eat  dinner  together.


5.+ 6.dag:

Jokkmokk  winter  market

Early  in  the  morning  we  will  start  to  Jokkmokk to  visit  the  market.

The  following  two  days  we will  experiense the  samisk  evenemangs  and  their  culture  and  we  have  the  possibility  to  go  shopping. 



Snowmobile in Lapland

7. day:

Snowmobile and Icefishing

Today we drive with the snow mobiles (2 Pers /snow mobile)

out at a solitarily lain, beautiful lake. 

There  we will  have  good  time  to  icefishing and  enjoy  a  outdoor  lunch together.

We will  try  to catch  the  dinner...

In the late afternoon we´ll return to  the farm.


On the 8th day  ends  the  8 days  HUSKY & JOKKMOKK Tour/ variant 2.

The 8th day is the departureday.We  take our guests  back to the  airport in Arvidsjaur.

The  following  days belong to the 10 days tour / variant 1:

8 + 9 day:

dogsledding & overnighttour

Breakfast together and then we feed  the dogs,

40 km trip  with the  dogs to a   wilderness cabin.

We will spent one  night outside  in the wilderness in a romantic cabin.

The  cabin has no electricity and no water.

Thge  evening   we  will spens outside by the fire.

Maybe we'll see polar lights on the horizon.

The  next  day  after  breakfast  we  will  drive  home back to the  farm.

Unfortunately even the most beautiful experiences end.

After breakfast you have the chance to say goodbye to the dogs

and we take you back  to airport in Arvidsjaur.

 10 days / 9 ights.
• Full board, fruit, drinks
• German / Swedish / English / Polish speaking guide
Lodging in clean and comfortable guest cabins
- your own dog sled team (4-6 huskies)
Snowmobile / Ice fishing equipment
Transfer to / back  Jokkmokk
• Meals and overnight stay in Jokkmokk
winter gear (boots, overall
,sledgloves, head lamp)
warm Jakuzzi and Sauna

Not  included in price:
All  private  purchases  and  exra expenses at the  winter  market

Maximum  6 persons per tour.



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